ALL KINDS OF RANDOM CHARLIE SHEEN-ANIGANS: 1.) You know that "treatment facility" we told you yesterday CHARLIE SHEEN had checked into? Well, it turns out it's his own home!!! TMZ reports an addiction expert and other professionals will be helping Charlie get clean and sober from inside the confines of his gated community in L.A.

2.) We're getting conflicting reports on what exactly aggrevated Charlie's hernia. Originally the story was he laughed too hard while he was watching TV. Now comes word Charlie's hospitalization was the direct result of NUDE DANCING!!! A so-called "source" says Charlie was dancing naked - by himself - when he started experiencing the stomach pains that sent him to the hospital.

3.) The LAPD will not be investigating Sheen for drug use or the alleged purchase of a briefcase full of coke. Mostly because EMTs who responded to the 911 call at his house last week found no evidence, and also because some of the witnesses who were inside his house during the party "have gone public, and some for cash."


One of those is Kacey Jordan. She's been on any show willing to have her including on "Good Morning America" yesterday. Among the things she spoke about was the so-called "porn family" that Charlie wanted to set up in a rented mansion in his neighborhood.

Kacey said Charlie just wanted to retire and spend his time partying with her and any other young mattress actresses he could convince to live there. She said she was cool with the idea until Charlie said he'd want her to act as BABYSITTER to his kids when necessary. That was apparently the deal breaker.

4.) That didn't sit well with ex-wife DENISE RICHARDS, who obviously saw the show yesterday morning, because after it was over, she Tweeted ...


5.) Here's the aforementioned Kacey leaving the bank with a WAD of cash, after cashing the $30,000 check Charlie gave her during last week's 36 hour binge.


But it turns out the bank could only give her $8,000 in cash. She had to take the balance in the form of a cashier's check.

6.) 30 Grand is nothing when you consider how much money Sheen has spent on “escorts” and drugs over the last six months. How much? Are you ready for this? RadarOnline claims over the last six months, Charlie has dropped HALF A MILLION DOLLARS on his two favorite vices.

A source says, quote, "Charlie's nightly habit would be tens of thousands of dollars of drugs and two girls. He would typically pay them $5,000 to $10,000 for the night and would give them cash, check or money transfer … He even bought two girls cars." !!!

IS MILEY'S MOVIE POT SCENE BEING EDITED???!!!: Because of that video of MILEY CYRUS taking a bong hit of the hallucinogenic herb salvia that hit the web last year, producers at Disney are said to be editing a similar scene from an upcoming movie.


An insider tells Us magazine that producers are digitally editing a scene in which the Miley gets high with a male friend, because "the studio doesn't want to take any chances having the controversy affect the film." The insider explains the scene can't be re-shot, so they're using "tricky editing and effects magic" to erase "all traces of her inhaling or being in the same shot with the actor."

IT'S GOING TO GET NASTY!!!HALLE BERRY READY FOR CUSTODY BATTLE: The HALLE BERRY/GABRIEL AUBREY split may have been amicable, but the custody battle is about to get nasty. Last week, Gabriel went to court to be legally declared the father of 2-year-old Nahla and he asked for joint custody. Well, that has apprantly did not sit well with Halle.


She's cleared her schedule for the court proceedings by pulling out of the film "New Year's Eve", which is set to start production this week.  Halle's rep tells People, "Halle has serious concerns for her [daughter Nahla's] well-being while in the care of her father for any extended period of time and is prepared to take all necessary steps to protect her."


SHOW US YOUR TWEETS: “Avatar” movie director JAMES CAMERON entered the 21st Century Friday when he got his own Twitter account … and within hours he was hit up for a job by none other than aspiring actress KIM KARDASHIAN.

Tweeted Kim: "Welcome to our twit-world @JimCameron! I'm ready for my leading role in 3-D! LOL." To which Cameron replied, "Kim, you're already in 3-D!"  Hi-Yo!!! That’s why he wins awards, boys and girls!

WE REPORT, YOU DECIDE: LADY GAGA has said she wants her new single "Born This Way" to be an anthem of unity - but it's already causing controversy. After Gaga Tweeted the lyrics to the tune, two immigrant-activist groups have raised a red flag over shout-outs to “cholas” … a term they say is "racist and derogatory."


Gaga has not responded to the criticism (--The song is set for release on February 13 and performed at the Grammy Awards.) Here’s the lyric in question. What do you think? We Report, You Decide:


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