El Paso Sheriff's office
El Paso Sheriff's office

As an owner of a video doorbell, I freak out when I get a random notification of movement outside my door. Sometimes, it is just a bug. Sometimes, it is a person trying to sell me solar panels.

Some poor El Pasoan went to check their video doorbell notification and found two strangers outside their door exposing themselves.

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On Saturday, February 27th, 2021, a report came in about two unknown subjects exposing their genitals to a video doorbell, after no one answered the doorbell. The incident happened around the 4600 block of Aries Drive in Northeast El Paso.

While only one person is being shown in the photo, the Sheriff's office is looking for two unknown subjects. No other details have been given, but seriously, why?

Why would you do such things? After 2020, you would think people would keep it in their pants. The year is still young and while good people still exist, we still have these creepy people wandering around.

When you see suspicious activity happening in your neighborhood, please take a second to call 9-1-1 and report it. You never know what you could help prevent. If you have any information please contact, 915-832-4408 to report what you know.

El Pasoans should be helping each other, not showing their junk to people. This is a serious situation even though, it can easily be made into a joke. Let us catch these guys first, then we can make all the dirty jokes we want.

Don't be coming around our station with that nonsense. We will send Mike and Tricia after you. You don't want a beat down from those two. You have been warned.

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