CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS (4/12/11):  DAVID LETTERMAN 64  The late night talker started his career in radio as a morning weather anchor. After moving to Los Angeles and hosting a short-lived morning show, he began his run as host of NBC's Late Night in 1982. 

In 1993, after NBC gave Johnny Carson's Tonight Show job to Jay Leno, Letterman moved to CBS to become the host of The Late Show with David Letterman.

--Ed O'Neill - 65  Al Bundy on "Married . . . with Children". Currently employed as Jay Pritchett on "Modern Family", which is one of the funniest shows on TV.

Did you know O'Neill, like Al Bundy, was also a high school football star? He played college ball at Ohio University and Youngstown State, and was signed by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1969. He was cut in training camp and then decided to become an actor. It's true. Look it up.

--Brooklyn Decker - 24   Smokin' hot "Sports Illustrated" cover model who starred in that Adam Sandler movie "Just Go With It".  She's married to  tennis pro Andy Roddick.

--Claire Danes - 32  "My So-Called Life", "Terminator 3" and "Romeo + Juliet".

--Jennifer Morrison - 32  Dr. Allison Cameron on "House" ...

--Andy Garcia - 55  Cuban-born actor. He picked up an Oscar nomination for his breakout role as Vincent Mancini in The Godfather Part Three. He's also appeared in The Untouchables, Internal Affairs, When a Man Loves a Woman, and more recently; Oceans Eleven, Oceans Twelve and Oceans Thirteen.

Little know fact about Andy: he's a former Siamese twin.  The only evidence he has of his conjoined Cuban brother is a small scar on his shoulder.  The twin never developed past the size of a tennis ball.

 --David Cassidy - 61  Keith Partridge!!! OMG!!! My older sister used to buy all the Tiger Beat's that featured him on the cover. He even dreamy in his mug shot ...

Last fall, he dared DANNY BONADUCE, who played his younger brother on "The Partridge Family", to learn one of the Partridge Family songs, and perform it with him.  And it finally happened Saturday night in Atlantic City ...

Shannen Doherty - 40 Brenda Walsh on Beverly Hills, 90210. After leaving the show in 1994, she concentrated on her film career before returning to television in Charmed. She's also posed nude several times for Playboy.