Shocker! French DJ and EDM superstar David Guetta, who exploded on the mainstream radar with his Usher-fronted song 'Without You' back in 2011, is now without a wife. Guetta and his wife, Cathy, have divorced after two decades of marriage.

There are conflicting reports about the length of the pair's marriage. Most reports state that they met in 1990 and wed that same year, making it a 24-year union. Other reports indicate that the Guettas met and married in 1992, which would mean they were a couple for 22 years.

Either way, they were married for what feels like an eternity by today's standards and especially by today's celebrity standards.

The marriage produced two children: son Tim Elvis, 10, and daughter, Angie, 6. The Guettas also renewed their vows in 2012 in Ibiza, making this split even more surprising and confounding.

TMZ reports that a French magazine confirmed that the divorce was made final in a Parisian court, but neither party was at the hearing.

It is also reported that they will continue to work together on their mutual business interests.

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