A Texas police officer has been called a hero after saving a three year-old's life after he stopped breathing. The officer was also honored for his efforts.

A Texas couple called 911 on Oct. 12 after their son passed out in 106-degree heat. Officer Chase Miller happened to be scanning the EMS channel and heard the call and realized he was closer and rushed to the scene. As soon as he arrived, the officer took the boy, Brayden Geis, and started administering CPR. The officer told Fox 4 News:

"He had an elevated pulse. His heart was beating but no breath whatsoever. His lips were bright blue, and I began chest compressions."

After administering CPR, and with the assistance of the boy's father John, he thankfully began breathing again. The entire incident was caught on the officer dashboard camera and you can check out the video above.

This week, Officer Miller was honored at the Grandbury City Council's meeting and given the Life Saving Award. In attendance was Brayden, his father John Geis and his mother Bethanny Hoover. The Granbury Police Department also shared what the little boy's favorite tv show is and how it fits into the story:

The boy’s favorite cartoon show on TV is Paw Patrol. And the boy’s favorite character on Paw Patrol is…… you guessed it, CHASE. So Officer Chase Miller presented the boy with his version of Chase to remember the moment by.