Cult of Chucky is the 2017 story about that crazy possessed doll making the film the franchises 7th installment. I’m not crazy about horror films even though a lot of opinions would refer to Chucky movies as “comedy-horror-slashers” given the ridiculosity of the plot, acting and murder scenes. So, I did go to bed creeped out and I still watch my back when I’m brushing my teeth because I just never watch “scary movies.” The intention was to watch a thriller to try to get in the halloween spirit and what a disaster did this turn out to be. I just thought it would be a go since it's on Netflix atm!

I’m not familiar with any of the original Chucky movies so here is what I understood. A woman named Nica was framed by the doll for a bunch of murders and Andy Barclay who is the child from the first Child’s Play film visits her in a mental institution with the original Chucky doll in an effort to prove her innocence. The reason that Nica has been locked up for so long is because she’s convinced herself that psychosis is the reason she committed the murders and writes Chucky off as a figment of her imagination.

Nica’s doctor doesn’t believe that the doll is possessed and quickly learns that there is trouble in paradise when people in the mental hospital start dying. Chucky somehow finds a way to transfer his “soul” into multiple dolls and my understanding was that he is able to transport his soul into other humans as well but I may have been misinterpreting because there was a lot of conversation about multiple personalities and schizophrenia. The film ends with Chucky’s soul having manifested into one of the main characters but I won’t tell you who that is to not spoil the ride for you. There is lots of blood, it looks fake, lots of suspense, lots of loud out-of-no-where noises that’ll give you the creeps but tbh, now that a few days have gone by and I’m slowly recovering because I’m a cake and don’t like scary movies….this movie was so freakin’ cheesy and perfect for the halloween season! I’m happy I did it but I’ll never watch it again! Be prepared for pointless bloodshed, creepy voices and a whole family of Chucky dolls wreaking havoc on the innocent. Lastly, Jennifer Tilly makes her cameo but I'm not sure why! I understand she's Chucky's lover or whatever but she's almost just there for nostalgia reasons. You decide. Happy Halloween!



Check out the trailer below:

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