X-ray scanners have caught air travelers with all sorts of strange and embarrassing things in their carry-on luggage. But it would be hard to top the images captured last week at the Shar-Jah Airport in the United Arab Emirates when an Egyptian couple stuffed their five-month-old in a suitcase and tried to sneak him past security.

Upon arriving in the UAE, the couple were told that their baby needed a travel Visa too. But instead of waiting in the airport for two days as the paperwork processed, Dad had a better idea: he stuck junior in one of the family’s carry-on bags and proceeded to exit the restricted area.

Perhaps tipped off by the sudden absence of the child, security agents had the bag scanned and snapped the incriminating photo below.

Baby in luggage

UAE officials were not pleased with the attempted deception.

“This machine is very dangerous for anyone, let alone a baby in a bag, to pass through,” a policeman told the Gulf News. “When customs officials saw the baby inside the bag at the X-ray scanner, they were stunned.”

Even more stunned are the baby’s parents. Not only are they facing jail time for their most unusual contraband, but they could have their child taken away from them. Do you think this is a fair punishment?

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