93.1 KISS FM loves, loves, loves our troop at Fort Bliss, and we felt they just didn't get enough love, so we came up with Military Mondays!  Each Monday, we're going to single out a member of our local troops, and give them a bunch of stuff!

Jerry Montoya is our first Military Mondays honoree.  His sister-in-law, Patty, went online and nominated him.  Patty's sister is married to Jerry's brother, so they are a pair of sisters married to a pair of brothers!  I spoke with Patty earlier this morning and asked her a little bit about her brother-in-law Jerry and why she nominated him for Military Mondays:

How sweet is she?!  Next up, our Military Mondays winner, Jerry Montoya!  Jerry tells us about his military experience and where he was on 9/11:

Jerry Montoya will be getting a gift pack full of goodies including a Mike and Tricia coffee mug, 2 CD's from the KISS music vault, a family four pack of tickets to Wet-N-Wild, and a $50 gift card at Garrufa's so he can take his lovely wife out to dinner and celebrate being KISS FM's very first Military Mondays honoree!

Thank you so much for your service, Jerry - we love you!

If you know a military member whom you would like to nominate for Military Mondays, just click here and let us know who he or she is!


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