Something rare is happening next week, something that hasn’t happened since 1888 and that may not happen again for nearly another 80,000 years.  What is this rare occurrence you ask? Well, the first day of Hanukkah will overlap with Thanksgiving (beats quirky dates like 11/12/13 if you ask me).  If you’re not sure the best way to celebrate this occasion, don’t worry, Conan has got you covered.

Now if you’re wondering why the two holidays will overlap, I’ll give you the quick version.  In the Hebrew calendar, Hanukkah always falls on the same date.  Judaism uses a lunar/solar calendar in which “the months are determined according to the phases of the lunar calendar and the years by the sun,” according to Dr. Bill McDonough.  If you want to get more in depth info, you can click here.

Andy Richter has got the best line with, “It’s very convenient though to find a self-decapitating turkey.”