'Tis the season to be forgiving.

The Nervous Dog Coffee Bar in Stow, Ohio has decided to hold a food drive for a man who was recently caught on surveillance camera stealing money out of a tip jar.

Store manager Scott Moses said there must be a reason for the man to commit the crime:

We assume that if he was desperate enough to steal tips, he's probably in desperate times."

The shop elected not to get police involved, choosing instead to lend the man a hand, Moses said, "In the holiday spirit, we decided to help this guy out."

That means the shop, as well as its sister location in Akron, have begun a food drive for the man. If he steps forward, he'll get the food with no repercussions for his actions.

The shop has wrangled up three boxes so far, with the employee on duty when he took the money the first to donate. If the man doesn't show up, the food will be given to as nearby food bank.

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