Clint Eastwood finishes filming in Las Cruces with a party for cast and crew.

Actor and director Clint Eastwood was in Las Cruces, NM for the last couple of weeks filming on location for his upcoming film, The Mule.

The film employed about 200 extras and a little over 80 New Mexico crew members including a friend of mine who was hired on as a personal assistant.

The team wrapped up filming late last week with a party for the cast and crew and from what I heard it was nothing but a phenomenal experience for all involved, especially noting that working with Eastwood was a dream come true.

Clint Eastwood was even spotted around town taking pictures with fans and even dining at the Double Eagle Restaurant where he had a chance to meet and talk with the chef and even took photos with the staff.

Eastwood’s upcoming film, The Mule which is mostly being filmed in Georgia with some scenes filmed in Las Cruces will star his daughter Alison Eastwood, Bradley Cooper as well as Lawrence Fishbourne. The Mule is based on the true story of a WWII veteran who turns into a drug dealer for the cartel.

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