My taste in home decor changes with the tides so I’m always looking for a cheap way to add new decorations to my house.

After a recent trip to Hobby Lobby, I found these adorable barn wood picture frames for 90% off. They’re rustic and fun, not to mention $3 for a real wood frame? Yes please! They’re purposely scratched up and have a few holes in them. If you’re looking for shabby chic picture frames, these are for you.

Hobby Lobby

After finding them, I knew I wanted to pair them with some modern chevron fabric. For 4 frames, one yard of fabric will do. If your fabric has wrinkles, you can smooth them with a warm, not hot iron.

First, get a staple gun from any craft store. It will cost you about $8.

Line up your fabric against the picture frame and cut accordingly. Remember to leave enough space to staple the fabric.

Staple the edges after pulling the fabric taut against the frame.

Now flip it over and you’re set.

Two frames for under $10, fabric included!