On October 11th, the world is asked to take some time to join in on the same goal of highlighting, discussing and take action to advance rights and opportunities for girls everywhere!

Established back in 2011, International Day of the Girl Child was established by the United Nations.This is one of the many way's the U.N.'s attempt to empower roughly 1.1 billion young girls currently living in the world.

This daily fight for equality has increased during our current political situation. Everyday, young women are faced with situations where gender injustice and youth rights are pushed aside. Even though it is a constant struggle, today more than ever, are women welcomed to make their voice heard.

Unfortunately, we don't have any big events celebrating International Day of the Girl Child, you can still be an active supporter though social media. Shelley Zalis, who owns a company that strives to advance women's standing in the corporate workplace, came up with some trending ways to celebrate on social media:

  1. Snapping a selfie everywhere you believe girls belong
  2. Sharing it on social media with the hashtag #GirlBelongHere
  3. Tagging the women and girls who inspire you

Any little bit of support from the world can help launch a movement of change. That's what these types of days are needed for. Helping people become aware of certain situations is a start to a conversation, then a call to action. Action is what is important, now more than ever.

Celebrate and support International Day of the Girl child with your friends, family and social media friends with just a simple selfie. You can also check out big events that will be happening all around the world at UNICEF.org.

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