Cee Lo Green is a huge star both literally and figuratively. So the former 'Voice' judge is getting on the health kick in 2013 with his new partnership with eDiets. "My goal for #2013 is to make #health a habit -- who's gonna join me?" tweeted the crooner.

In a press release, Green says his partnership with eDiets was his way of making health a habit in the New Year. "When I decided to make this commitment to myself, I needed a program that would work with my nonstop lifestyle, and eDiets has made it easy and convenient to make health a priority between recording new music, constant traveling and being a father," he states.

He'll also receive an upfront fee, royalties and stock options for pitching the product for a minimum of two years. Making money while losing weight -- sounds like a sweet diet plan to us!

So what the heck is eDiets? From what we gather it's an online/home delivery nutrition service that boasts two million active members. It's sort of Weight Watchers for the Internet sect -- those of us who eat junk food while surfing the web. (Don't front, we all do it.)

“I chose eDiets because it works,” said Green in the video clip. The Grammy Award-winning singer hopes to be a better version of himself with the service. Honestly, we kind of love the portly guy just the way he is.

Either way, we can't wait to see his transformation into a more sveltely Cee Lo Green. It will be interesting to see how his swag changes once he's able to squeeze his butt into some skinny jeans.

With New Year’s Eve approaching, we are happy that Green is adopting a healthy resolution to lose weight. Good luck!

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