Sleep can be a tough thing for some people to get. I know for me it's difficult to get enough sleep. I'm a night owl, I struggle to go to bed before 11 pm each night, and even later on the weekends.

For some, staying asleep is the problem. I know my wife has that struggle. What are the reasons though for interrupted sleep or simply not being able to sleep?

The Body Shop recently did a study that found residents in San Antonio are reaching for their phones rather often between the hours of 10 pm and 5 am. Why are they doing this? Well, they're looking for something to help them either go to sleep or go back to sleep.

The study shows what people are looking up on their phones between those hours, and it gives some insight into what they're searching for when they can't get that shut-eye. Some searches show that they're definitely looking for something to help them fall asleep, a few appear to be related to maybe a dream or something they were having, while other searches appear to be almost delusional searches from lack of sleep.


Checking in as the fifth most searched thing was "spirits". This is one that makes me think it's related to some kind of dream they had. There were 4,604 searches for spirits and the peak search time for it was at 1:32 am. Pay attention to that time, because it looks like it bleeds right into the most searched thing.


At number four on the search list was "minions". Seems like a VERY strange thing to be looking up, and it's not exactly late at night. I wanted to think people were having dreams about them, but it was most searched around 10:48 pm, so it's almost as if watching minions-related stuff helps people sleep. Not me, I think those little dudes are hilarious.


Social media enters the picture at number three with, "how to delete an Instagram account". This one was searched a whopping 6,490 times and was the search inside the top five that happened the latest with the peak search time happening at 2:28 am. What is it about Instagram that's freaking people out so late? I'm going with a nightmare about naked pictures getting posted to the account, but maybe that's just me.


In at number two on the list is "Grey's Anatomy". This is the only TV show to pop up inside the top 10 with peak searches happening around 11:52 pm. It could be people looking for a recap as to what Meredith Grey is up to, or they could be looking for more depth from a recent episode. Either way, Grey's Anatomy is still on people's minds late at night.


Taking down the coveted number one spot? "What to watch" with 9,500 searches. This makes perfect sense, as there are a lot of people who like to turn something on that they can fall asleep to. The peak time for this search happens around 1:56 am, and if you go back to the fifth most searched thing on this list, I can understand why they'd be looking for something to watch.

Residents in Houston are very similar to San Antonio as "what to watch", "how to delete an Instagram account", and "spirits" are inside the top five there as well. Something about those spirits entering dreams that make them want to delete their IG account. Strange.

You can check out the full study right here.

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