Britney Spears and fellow ‘X Factor‘ judge Simon Cowell are snapping back at persistent rumors of the drama surrounding the show.

Following the second day of auditions (in which the panel donned the same outfits since the producers didn’t get all the necessary shots on day one), the judges took to their “Official ‘X Factor’ Cam” to shoot down stories of behind-the-scenes drama.

In a TMZ video, the cantankerous Cowell and sweetheart Spears addressed the gossip, which began when Spears allegedly walked off the set during the Austin, Texas auditions. The unexpected break led to tales of “unheard of terms” within Spears’ contract, giving the pop princess the right to come and go as she pleases.

“There have been no walk offs on the show,” Cowell said, chuckling as Demi Lovato passed by on camera. How adorbs is she?! “Although I would like somebody to walk off,” he laughed, motioning to Lovato, who passed by again, “but she won’t.” We guess the rumors of Demz and Cowell’s bickering were among the truer ones!

Spears simply addressed the TMZ rumor mongering, telling the camera, “Play nice, Harvey!”

Watch Simon Cowell + Britney Spears Talk to TMZ

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