There's been plenty of movie stars in Las Cruces over the past month filming various projects but could there be a pop superstar hanging out too?

It looks like the filming industry in the Land of Enchantment is booming right now, and celebrities are here to work on various upcoming projects. Movie star Bruce Willis was spotted in Las Cruces last week filming a new action movie called "Knight" in downtown Las Cruces. Then, movie star Mel Gibson was spotted in the Town of Crosses filming a new thriller "Hot Seat" in downtown Las Cruces this week.You might not be familiar with this next name, but I can guarantee you know who his famous fiancé is.

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Sam Asghari is a model and upcoming actor who's also known for being engaged to pop icon Britney Spears. Britney FREAKING Spears. He's only been in a few tv shows and a couple of music videos but now it looks like he's going to be in his first film.

According to the website IMDB, Sam will be playing a SWAT team member in Mel Gibson's new thriller "Hot Seat." He's been posting videos to his Instagram story tagging his location as Las Cruces. he even filmed this short video in front of the SWAT vehicle for the film:


While we know for a fact Sam is in Las Cruces, there's no word on whether or not he brought his superstar fiancé Britney Spears along. Safe to say if the pop star was in town, there would be plenty of fans scrambling to try and get a picture with her. As a Britney fan, I'm hoping she is.

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