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Britney Spears' Conservatorship Battle Could Help Other Cases

Following Britney Spears' powerful court testimony against her conservatorship,many others are beginning to speak out (and finally be heard) about their own conservatorship issues. California lawmaker Evan Low is now working on a legislation to change how conservatorships work. The bill will hopefully prevent conservators from not acting in their clients' best interests. (via TMZ)

Americans Turned Into Hoarders During the Pandemic

According to new research, two in three people are struggling to find space in their home for items they purchased during quarantine. A survey of 2,000 Americans found that respondents have spent more money than usual on cooking utensils, decorations for their home and personal care products. (via Study Finds)

New iPhone Hack for Scheduling Text Messages 

TikTok is back with another life hack! In a new viral video, TikTok user Frank McShan demonstrates an easy way to schedule iPhone text messages. Watch below:

Teenagers Are Getting Brazilian Butt Lifts Because of a TikTok Trend

The "BBL effect" has taken TikTok by storm, with many teenagers signing up for the procedure — so much so that a facility in Miami even reportedly ran out of pain medication after so many girls underwent the surgery! However, many adults are criticizing the Brazilian butt lift craze, arguing that teens' bodies are not done growing yet. (via Daily Dot)

Florida High School Principal Writes 459 Personal Letters to Graduates 

Matanzas High School principal Jeff Reaves wrote a personal letter for each graduating class member. Reaves, who started as a principal when this year's graduates were just freshmen in high school, dug through transcripts, conversations, yearbooks and student files to make each letter unique and special. (via MSN)

New Netflix Dating Show Has Contestants Wearing Animal Prosthetics 

Love is beastly! New Netflix dating series Sexy Beasts features contestants wearing animal facial prosthetics. The goal is for the contestants to make meaningful connections solely based on personality, without looks involved. The first six parts of the series will be released globally on July 21. (via New York Post)

Kanye West Suing Walmart for Allegedly Ripping Off Yeezy Shoes

Kanye West is going after Walmart for allegedly selling a knockoff version of his Yeezy Foam Runner shoe. 'Ye and his company claim that Walmart copied the shoe, which left customers confused about whether or not they were real or fake. The Walmart version sold for just under $25 a pair, while the Yeezy shoes sold for $75. (via TMZ)

Four Injured, One Killed in Robbery Outside Fashion Nova CEO's Home

An armed robbery occurred outside the multi-million dollar home of Fashion Nova CEO Richard Saghian in Hollywood Hills. One of the injured parties, a security guard who was protecting another home nearby, was struck in the stomach by a bullet. It's unclear if Saghian was home at the time of the shooting.  (via NBC Los Angeles)

'Fast and Furious' Star Doesn't Have Her Driver's License

Despite being in a film about driving cars, F9 star Nathalie Emmanuel does not have her driver's license! The actress explained that when she started learning to drive at 17, she "started acting and I was just, like, busy ... or broke." She also said that it's expensive to learn how to drive in the U.K., where she lives. (via Just Jared)

Milly Bobby Brown Spotted With Rumored Boyfriend in New York City 

Milly Bobby Brown was spotted in NYC with her rumored boyfriend Jake Bongiovi — the son of Jon Bon Jovi — and her poodle. On June 3, Bongiovi posted the couple's first official Instagram picture together, captioning it, "BFFs." (via Daily Mail)

Channing Tatum Reveals First Photo of His Daughter

Channing Tatum posted a picture of his daughter's face on Instagram in an adorable beach photo. Tatum captioned it, "You my littles are everything! You are my world and my heart."  (via Page Six)

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