As I watch comedian and my unofficial therapist Bo Burnham on Netflix, I question everything about my life.

Burnam has given the world a hilariously dark comedy special you can stream on Netflix from the comfort of your couch. This man locked himself in a room for over a yeat to create this content and you should watch it.

I have tried to show Burnham's prior specials to my brother and friends and they don't get it. I think you need to be a special kind of messed-up person to enjoy his art. If you are that type of person, you are good people in my eyes.

He is an incredibly talented comic who is very open about his struggles. He might not be shouting it from the rooftops, but Burnham has a way to bring awareness to some serious issues in the world while making a joke about facetiming with his mom.

In my opinion, his style is a very beautiful blend of immature, dark, yet intelligent humor.

His incredibly creative songs have a way of crawling into your braining and making you question your existence. You will take a second to think "what the hell am I doing with my life?" Somehow his melodies will snap you out of your self-hatred and focus back on his, set to a groovy sound.

My Favorite Songs From 'Inside'

I am still thinking about two specific songs within his latest special.

The first one is about turning 30 years old. I am 29 and have been told it is my last year of youth. What happens at 30? Does life get better? Do I crumble underneath my anxiety as everyone embraces aging? Seems like it according to Burnham but hey, we can dance to this groovy song as the clock strikes midnight.

The second one is all about the internet. As someone who also is only able to live thanks to content pn the internet, this song hits home. The internet is a scary place. Everything is on this mystical source of knowledge.

I am not a comedy critic, I have no credit to my opinion on stand-up specials so Burnham won't care what I say but I hope my love for this special at least gives you something to watch when you can't think of anything else.

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