Searching high a low for the best crunchy shelled treat in the southwest? Here is a list to narrow it down! You really can't lose with these choices.

After some painful research of eating everywhere, I gathered the following info on these top 5 restaurants in Las Cruces to enjoy a taco! And not in any particular order.

  1. La Posta - 2410 Calle De, Mesilla
    La Posta's chicken tacos are some of my favs! I think it's the combination of the cilantro topping and their salsa. Yum!
  2. El Sombrero - 363 S Espina St.
    Definitely these tacos are the best for the ground beef. The seasonings are perfect with the garlic salsa!
  3. Chilito's - 2405 S Valley Dr. and the new Foothills Location
    I think I have a thing for salsa but I tasted the chicken tacos here the other day and I couldn't get enough of them! A must try!
  4. Miguel's - 1140 E Amador Ave.
    This is a new place in Las Cruces, only a few months old and they have some awesome beef tacos you must try! Even soft shell these tacos are great!
  5. Si Senor - 1551 E Amador Ave.
    This restaurant is basically a staple in Las Cruces. Pretty much everything here is amazing to the taste buds! The flautas are just as good as the tacos. And again, you must try all the salsas!

Now if you have some excellent taco making skills, try my moms salsa on em! Here's the recipe!