I recently saw an episode of "Somebody Feed Phil" on Netflix. The show was about the food in Mexico City. During the episode, Phil flips out over tacos al pastor. The tacos were from a local Mexico City restaurant. That got me thinking. The borderland has some darn good tacos too. In fact, I found the best tacos al pastor ever in a small hole in the wall restaurant in Juarez. Just a few blocks from the Santa Fe bridge so you can walk over.

Juarez Taco2

The place is called "El Taquito Mexicano" (The Mexican Taco). The restaurant has a picture of Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top eating there. If ZZ Top ate there, their must be something to this place. They must marinate the pork for hours or maybe it's the salsa and cilantro. I don't know what makes these little culinary creations so delicious but the tacos are amazing. The restaurant is located at 32000 Calle Cristobal in Juarez.

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