Sometimes we all need some me-time after a stressful and what seems to be a long week. Usually, getaways are the best kind of escape anyone dealing with stress can take.

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We normally like to leave whatever it is that caused that stress behind while you visit another area code. Some of us have been there and done that when we felt like we needed a break from everything.

But sometimes when people need a break from everything they literally mean every single thing. They would find this particular destination I am gonna tell you about quite heavenly if you ask me.

Especially if you're down for being secluded left alone with your thoughts and nature. But there is a perfect destination that can fit those needs that happens to be right here in Texas.

Onera which means "Dreams" in Greek is a perfect name for the lodging that exists in Fredricksburg, Texas. Once you scope through the website after clicking the previous link you may understand the meaning behind the name.

So if you have wanted to just stay somewhere out in the middle of nowhere this lodging is your best bet. Besides the perk about this place is being able to see nature such as deer coming around to snack on acorns.

Now if you still haven't seen the movie Wrong Turn then I suggest you stay away from seeing it until you visit Stay Onera. Other than that this could also be a nice romantic getaway for you and your partner for life.

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