Canadian pop star Avril Lavigne has had a tough year. After being diagnosed with Lyme disease last October, the singer became bedridden from the chronic illness. Lavigne then gave an emotional interview about her struggle earlier this summer to Good Morning America, where the typically scrappy artist uncharacteristically cried during the intimate chat—the first time she's ever shed tears during an interview.

But true to form, Lavigne is resilient, and after seeking treatment and getting proper rest, the artist is ready to turn her focus back to music.

On Saturday, the singer returned to the stage for her first live performance in over a year, performing her uplifting empowerment anthem "Fly" during the Opening Ceremony of the Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles. "Fly," which was scribed by Lavigne, Chad Kroeger, and David Hodges, is a special track that was written in support of the The Avril Foundation, the artist's organization that supports children and youth with disabilities and serious illnesses.

Lavigne, who has had a personal reason to seek empowerment and strength in light of her health struggles, said on Instagram that she was “honored” to take part in the ceremony:

“This was a very beautiful night for me. Congratulations to all the athletes,” Lavigne shared. "It has been a difficult year fighting through Lyme Disease for me and I am so happy to have made it on stage tonight for the first performance in a year. Thank you for having me and please enjoy my song Fly. I wrote this song to encourage people who are facing challenges, to encourage strength and to empower."

Lavigne is currently working on her as-yet-untitled sixth studio album, scheduled to be released later this year.

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