Haunted house attractions? No thanks, I’m not down with jump scares. I can't even stand the suspense of using a toaster.

If your cajones are bigger than mine and you can’t wait to scream hysterically as you run away from the creepy serial killer clown that lurks in your path, then you’re in luck. Those looking to get into the spirit of things won’t have to wait until spooky season officially arrives in October to get the snot scared out of them.

The Asylum El Paso is set to open Friday, September 10, at The Outlet Shoppes at El Paso in Canutillo and based on the website description, the inmates will definitely be running the place.

The Asylum has been taken over by all those who were committed so be careful who you trust. All staff have went missing so find your way out through the insanity and paranormal as serial killers, clowns, the deranged and the undead lurk around every corner.

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Danny Vazquez, who runs a Los Angeles design and production event company and is putting on the haunted house, told the El Paso Times the haunted attraction will take up about 8,000 square feet, which is huge, and consist of several rooms, each with its own theme “and crazy patients” and many professional Hollywood-style props.

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The Asylum fear-fest will be the first of a handful of haunted house attractions to open in the El Paso area this Halloween season. It will run daily from 5 p.m. to midnight beginning September 10 through November 6.

There is no minimum age requirement, “however, due to some gore, scares and graphic content, it is recommended for visitors 13 and up.”

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