I am a sucker for themed restaurants, and now, this themed restaurant in Tucson is making me itch for a road trip!

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I recently learned about these two Houston restaurants, one that is a Lord of the Rings themed café and one for those Texas goths with this Edgar Allan Poe themed restaurant. Well, now add this horror themed restaurant in Tucson where the food is killer!

Serial Grillers in Tucson has four different locations for you to choose from, but it's evident here that those who are interested in horror movies and true crime will love it! The menu consists of typical American fare that we all love like cheesesteaks, sandwiches, salads, burgers and pizzas!

The one twist? Serial Grillers' killer food is named after horror movies like "Children of the Corn" or "Copycat". Actual children of the corn not included!

Some of their famous killer sandwiches looks big enough to feed a family but tasty enough to not want to share them, like this one that is called the "American Psycho". It looks delicious but I think we can assume that it isn't on Patrick Bateman's diet!

One of their killer cheesesteaks is named after the famous serial killer who ate his victims, Hannibal Lecter!

I'm sure one bite into this and you'll feel like Dr. Lecter himself, and maybe want to pair it with some fava beans and a nice Chianti!

Themed nights are no surprise at Serial Grillers.

And it looks like you can turn almost anything on the menu into a vegetarian option!

You can see the entire horror menu here, and keep up with what Serial Grillers is up to on their Facebook page!

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