File this under: "Today I learned". Today I learned that Arizona has an unbelievable expiration date on their driver's license! I'm also going to file this under: "TikTok taught me" because it all started with one TikTok video.

A bartender from North Carolina named Michelle, posts daily videos of her life as a bartender. Some of her videos include scenarios she finds herself in while on the job. The other day, she posted this video where she encountered a patron with an Arizona driver's license. At first glance, she thought the ID was fake, but soon she learned that it was real.

Many people in the comments section gave Michelle praise for actually taking the time to look it up rather than reject the patron's ID. That's when I knew I had to look it up myself!

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I did indeed find out that in Arizona, driver's licenses will last you a few decades, not just years! No more having to renew every eight years like we do here in Texas. Arizona licenses expire on the person's 65th birthday, and they only need to renew their photo every twelve years!

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation:

On your 65th birthday, your state-issued driver’s license will cease to function, requiring you to renew your license in person. Then, every five years you will be required to renew your license after passing a vision test. When you reach age 70 you will no longer be able to renew your driver’s license by mail and will need to renew in person.


A spokesperson for ADOT told ABC 15:

I think part of the issue was just making it a little less busy at the office.

How efficient and forward thinking of Arizona.

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