Pint-sized powerhouse Ariana Grande brought it when she performed Whitney Houston's 'I Have Nothing' at the White House during the 'Women of Soul' event earlier this month (March 6). Her performance has finally landed online and the belter delivered a rendition of the song that Whitney herself would have approved of. 

"Mr. President, Mrs. Obama, what's up? How are you? It's good! Its all good," the adorbs singer, who was admittedly a bundle of nerves, said, addressing the duo in the front row before launching into Houston's epic, room-filling power ballad 'I Have Nothing.'

Grande's rendition was incredibly loyal to the original but she did give it a few of her Ariana-esque vocal flourishes. Plus, she looked gorgeous in her sparkly black gown and her soft, brown waves perfectly framed her face.

We are already well aware of the fact that Grande is in possession of a powerhouse voice which rivals that of Mariah Carey, who sorta eschewed the idea that Grande was moving in on her turf as a diva-in-training. But this performance solidified Grande's status as the next "big" vocalist with diva range.

This song allowed us to truly hear and appreciate the scope and size of her voice and her overall, well, Grande-ness.

When Grande hit those notes around 4:20, she totally wowed us. She probably blew the Leader of the Free World and the FLOTUS out of their chairs, since they had front row seats for the action.

Nice job, Ari.

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