Anybody (who am I kidding, I mean, any MAN) who’s ever been in a meaningful relationship has been in the doghouse at one point or another.  While it’s extremely easy to land yourself in “significant other jail,” getting out AND not getting thrown back in for the same offense is a bit trickier.  As a public service to you men out there, I suggest you watch this short video and take it to heart.

If you must hit a homerun with your next romantic gesture, I suggest you do whatever you can to win a purse with The Great Purse Giveaway.  If you do win one, just hand it over along with whatever is inside. Don’t say anything, don’t ask her if she’s pleased with you, just hand it over and avoid eye contact until she addresses you.  With any luck, it’ll be you she takes on that 7-Night Western Caribbean Cruise and not Esteban, the 6 foot 5 mail room intern she works with who’s built like Thor but you really shouldn’t worry about because he’s “gay”.  If you happen to win the purse with the $1500 GE Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator, avoid any reference to her making dinner.  If you win the $1000 shopping spree at the Outlet Shoppes at El Paso, forget about it, she’s wasn’t going to share that with you anyways, even if you weren’t already in trouble.

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