Anna Kendrick is one of the most talented triple-threats in Hollywood, and anyone who follows the Pitch Perfect actress Twitter knows she's also hilarious. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that she crushed her battle on Spike's new show Lip Sync Battle.

In a contest that got real personal for her opponent John Krasinski, Anna performed One Direction's hit "Steal My Girl." No, she didn't choose a 1D song in an attempt to snag Zayn's recently vacated spot in the band. As you can see in the video above, Anna used the track in order to get into the mind of her opponent. She totally taunts John with images of his wife — and last week's Lip Sync Battle loser — Emily Blunt!

Anna dances around in a button-up shirt before the onstage screen reveals an image of Emily. Anna goes up to the photo and dances in front of it, gazes at it lovingly, and then rips off her top to reveal a T-shirt with an image of Anna and Emily together on it.

John looks like he truly enjoys the homage — just not quite as much as Chrissy Teigen. Look closely and you can see the show's co-host dancing throughout the performance.

Newlyweds John and Emily seen rock solid, so it's unlikely that Anna will actually manage to "steal his girl." But will she steal the Lip Sync Battle win instead? We'll find out on Thursday night's episode (April 16), when it airs at 10PM ET.

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