Adults who are 21 and over can finally rejoice about a new invention in El Paso. When we were kids we had all sorts of excitement when we would hear the ice cream truck roll around the block.

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Well, adults can look forward to something similar to that except they must be 21 and over. Now adults can rejoice about a new version of an ice cream truck except involving alcohol.

I can just imagine how excited some adults in El Paso who love to get lit will feel about this. Now they don't have to worry about driving while intoxicated which some El Pasoans have allegedly been known to do.

Thanks to an El Paso couple, locals can reserve the mobile bar on wheels that comes to you. So for those who would love for a bar to come to you, you can say goodbye to a DWI.

The El Paso couple Steve Vasquez and his wife Ruby had a genius idea that is perfect for private parties. They transformed a horse trailer into a mobile bar that they call The Shelby.

Bar & Tender is a mobile bar rental you can use for any special occasion you may have going on. Just make sure that your guests who do have to drive home don't drink more than their limit.

This is the best kind of invention if you ask me for adults who would love for the bar to come to them. This is definitely proof that El Paso is full of smart people with bright ideas.

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