El Paso has its fair share of celebrity look-a-likes. Do you remember the time I wrote about a Ruby Rose look-alike who was employed at Shamaley Ford off Lee Trevino? There were some people who agreed and others who disagreed with my opinion.

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I took a picture with the female employee at Shamaley Ford and posted a poll asking for your opinion. Also, another celebrity look-a-like in El Paso I mentioned was Candace. Now Candace has been told she looks like Eva Longoria and a couple of others.

I put a poll up of who YOU thought she resembled more, you can see the results by clicking here. Well, if you ever think you spot Greenbay Packers Aaron Rodgers in El Paso, it more than likely isn't him. Instead, you're probably seeing Aaron Rodgers look-a-like and El Pasoan, Wes.

After talking to Wes, he mentioned some women told him he could pass for a Jake Gyllenhaal. Now I also see that resemblance too.

In my opinion, Wes definitely resembles the quarterback we enjoyed watching on Jeopardy a while back. Yes, I am saying Wes resembles Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Sure Wes doesn't have brunette hair and more lighter on top, but not only do I think this, others do as well.

This is where your opinion really makes a difference.

The poll below is where you can pick who Wes resembles the most. If you ever think you spot Aaron Rodgers in El Paso, make sure you get a fact check to know if it is really him. If anything at least we know how Aaron Rodgers would look with glasses.

Before placing your vote make sure to overlook the photos below.

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