A Fort Bliss soldier was on NBC's "American's Got Talen" on Monday night, or was he? Tim Poe told an emotional story of being injured by a grenade while serving in the National Guard in Afghanistan in 2009 and suffering a brain inury which led him to develop a stutter. Poe even submitted photographs of his time in Afghanistan to help tell the story. Problem is, one of the photos was not Poe!

That's where Fort Bliss soldier Staff Sgt. Norman Bone comes in. The picture is actually of him in Afghaistan in 2006! The production company has apologized to Staff Sgt. Bone for using the photo of him in the story on Tim Poe. They say Poe supplied the photo to them and they used it in good faith, but say it will not be used again.

Watch Poe's AGT appearance. The photo in question shows up at around the 1:30 mark:

And Poe isn't catching heat for just the picture alone. His entire story is being questioned. The Minnesota National Guard did confirm that Poe served as a supply specialist from 2002 to 2009 and deployed to Afghanistan for about a month in 2009, but there are no records that show any grenade injury like the one he described on the show. In an interview by a military blog the day after the show aired, Poe said the National Guard is missing facts from his records, which is why the injury is not documented.

Poe maintained his story is mostly true, saying, "It may not have happened exactly how I explained because I don't remember a whole bunch".

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