EP Chihuahua 2019 Concession Additions

It's a whole new world of flavor at Southwest University Ballpark. During a sneak peek of the latest additions to the amazing menu of ballpark snacks, we found out just how creative the El Paso Chihuahuas staff can get. With El Paso in mind, these new items were created to not only get your taste buds excited but to let visitors know El Paso isn't messing around with the local flavor.

Some highlights of the new snacks include wild game sausages, like Elk, Wild Boar, and Alligator. I tried all three and let me tell you, that Elk sausage is a must try. Some other interesting choices include the Hueveos Rancheros Burger, which is a beef patty topped with a fried egg, ranchero sauce and melted cheese; the Diablo Fries which are made of french fries (obviously) with Hot Cheetos dust and topped with nacho cheese and the chicken & Churwaffles, which are sweet mini waffles dusted with cinnamon & sugar served with fried chicken and maple butter sauce.

You can taste all these new items when the El Paso Chihuahuas kick off their season on April 4th.


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