I was super stoked to see this movie on Netflix because Allied is the film that generated so much attention because of the huge rumor that Brad Pitt had cheated on his wife and mother of his children, Angelina Jolie with his leading lady & costar Marion Cotillard. Cotillard plays a French Freedom fighter or more easily described as a spy when she is introduced to Brad Pitt’s character and assigned a duty that would have them pretend to be a married couple. I’m not too excited about seeing couples split due to cheating but the idea that Brad and Marion were being rumored to be an item was the literal karma of everything coming full circle when Brad left Jennifer Aniston for Angelina Jolie in what was also a spy duo movie; Mr. & Mrs. Smith! Marion did a string of interviews where she announced her pregnancy and denied any romantic association with Brad along with stating that the rumor mill was something that she doesn't give any energy too and that she wouldn't allow it to affect the filming of what she considers to be a wonderful movie. So the movie is a bit of a strain on the mind because since both Marion and Brad are playing spies, the viewers can’t ever tell who is being authentic but it appears to me that they end up falling in love for one of the wildest, most bizarre movie endings that I’ve ever seen. If you are in the mood for a romance film loaded with suspense, Allied is one to add to your queue. Marion has the most “come hither” thing to her making her the most captivating to watch! Check out the trailer for Allied below.

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