El Paso travelers will now have another airline choice when flying to San Diego and Seattle now that Alaska Airlines will begin offering non-stop flights.

I’ll be traveling soon to San Diego on vacation and I wish I could take advantage of this new Alaska Airlines non-stop route to the West-coast. Unfortunately, I will have to wait until February 19, 2019 to book a flight because that’s when El Paso travelers will have another option to select from when traveling to San Diego or up Northwest to Seattle all thanks to Alaska Airlines and their new non-stop routes out of the Sun City. The El Paso International Airport along with Alaska Airlines recently announced that they will be offering non-stop flights to San Diego and Seattle beginning next year on February 19, 2019.

The newly added flight destinations are just two of over 14 new flights that the El Paso International Airport has added in the last four years. The new non-stop flight schedules have not been posted yet however the new flights will run on a daily basis with destination connections here in the states and internationally as well.

To inquire more about Alaska Airlines and/or to book a flight visit alaskaair.com

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