The model airplane facility opened this past Saturday in Las Cruces.

With dozens of hobbyists arriving to perform their inaugural rolls, spins and loops the opening of the model airplane airport was a huge success. New Mexico Solid Waste Bureau says the bureau had been looking for some awesome ways to repurpose and improve landfills and Las Cruces' approach is exciting and fun for all. An archery range is also under construction in a different part of the landfill site, making the area very resourceful.

The model airplane facility features two runways, each 100 ft. wide by 600 ft. long, and cost the city about $35,000 to finish. It is now open to flying but flying is restricted to regular open hours for the landfill. Members of  the Mesilla Valley Model Airplane Club have access anytime if they purchase a key for the gate. For more information, contact Gerard Delong at (575) 202-7400.