Adele’s New Mansion Haunted?!

While Adele reaps the rewards of her Grammy accolades she now finds herself renovating her home and spending the night in a 9 million dollar mansion in Sussex, England.

How awful can this be?

Well, it turns out that Adele thinks the home is haunted and is so afraid to spend the night alone that she has moved her female bodyguard in with her! (I don’t blame the girl!)

The mansion sits on 25 acres of land, has 2 beautiful swimming pools and has 10 bedrooms….but here’s the catch. This mansion used to be a CONVENT!!!

Holy Batman Adele!!! I don’t know if I am brave enough to stay the night or for that matter several nights at this place…even as beautiful as it is! Would you?!

In case you missed her interview with Anderson Cooper – Check it out below:

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