As many of you know or have heard it is FAT TUESDAY, MARDI GRAS!!!!  Many of you may be going out to have a cocktail, (just BEWARE of the WIND along with flying debris)  others will be enjoying time with the family at home.  You may think there is nothing to do with the kids, BUT I found a few family friendly activities!

KISS wants those littlest of Mardi Gras celebrators in the Sun City to take FULL advantage!

  • 1st thanks, to the World of Super coloring  !!! Who has a Festive Coloring Page the kids can color in and you can print out with the Phrase "Mardi Gras!"
  • The next is with Crayola, they have great printable "Jester" that the kids can help celebrate with!
  • How about creating an amazing Mardi Gras MASK!  Print out the mask, thanks to Lee Hansen Design.  Print out the mask, have the kiddos color and cut it out! Find that here MASK!
  • How 'bout creating a Mardi Gras necklace?!  FreeKidsCraft provided us this awesome creation especially for the older kids and it is such a G-R-E-E-N craft, since you are using recycled products.  Directions to make your own bead necklace with old mags HERE!
  • Well, preschools have been using this for you can do at home with the kids thanks to Kinder Art!  Mardi Gras noisemakers with beans, toilet roll, and FUN right HERE!
  • Finally, what is a party without wearing a CROWN, well Lee Hansen Design pulls through AGAIN!  It's an easy print, just color, cut, get a band and they can be the KING OR QUEEN of FAT TUESDAY!

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