KLAQ got to go inside the brand new, state-of-the-art Alamo Drafthouse movie theater located in far east El Paso, including the new IMAX theater inside. The movie business is ramping back up, offering new releases and getting Americans back into theaters. While the amount of new movie releases have been low, there have been plenty of classics and fan-favorites movie lovers can enjoy.

El Pasoans have been excited to get back into theaters, and what better way to enjoy a film than in the brand new Alamo Drafthouse in East El Paso. The news broke this week that Alamo Drafthouse company had filed for bankruptcy, which worried some about what that would mean for the far east movie that hasn't even opened yet. Thankfully, Alamo reassured fans that they wouldn't be closing the El Paso location and they were still full speed ahead for the east side location.

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Alamo Drafthouse East El Paso is scheduled to open on March 31st and we were able to get a sneak peek inside while the finishing touches are being put together. There are plenty of exciting additions to the east side location, including reclining seats and an IMAX movie screen. There are ten theaters inside in a variety of sizes, from intimate 49-seat capacity theaters, to the whopping "Big Show," which will seat an impressive 250 people. Check out the photos below to see what El Pasoans have to look forward to when the new Alamo Drafthouse East El Paso opens.

A Sneak Peek Inside The New Alamo Drafthouse In Far East El Paso

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