UPDATE: Tracy reached out to me to say CISD reached out to her to explain that the meal was chilaquiles. CISD issued a statement to her, which she then shared with me stating, "We would like to personally apologize to you and ensure you that the main goal of Clint ISD is to provide them with a top tier education and also with a nutritional/enjoyable meal at the same time."

While eating lunch at home, I scrolled through social media only to stumble upon a photo of a local school lunch. I have always loved school cafeteria food, especially when it comes to those Thanksgiving meals. My favorite back in my high school days was the beef flautas with cheese, a side of beans, and some strawberry milk.

Of course, they took those away since they were covered in cheese, and it was at the time Michelle Obama's fight against childhood obesity was going on. Oh, I miss them so much.

What I don't miss, is the mystery lunches. I have obviously been out of public school for a good amount of time now but I sometimes think of what delicious lunches they are providing now.

One of my Facebook friends gave me a glimpse into what is being served up to our Clint ISD students and it is pretty sad.

This is today's lunch from my kids school. What do you people think?

Posted by Tracy Vasquez on Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Now, I can only go off of this viral photo's comments but according to Tracy, it is nachos.

Yup, something supposed to be covered in cheese, but it is only covered in the tears of the hungry person who opened the container.

Not all hope is lost for the meal because there is still one lonely tomato and delicious looking chocolate cookie waiting for the owner of the nachos. UPDATE: my husband just told me that isn't a cookie. It is a scoop of beans.

I understand cooking up meals is a difficult job for cafeteria staff. So I would love to hear an explanation from Clint ISD on why they think this meal is appropriate to hand out? I fully support the hard work done by every school's cafeteria staff, so don't come for me with all that drama.

Let us just be real for a second, would you eat that? Would you let your student eat that?

If yes, good for you for supporting the meal. If no, then you understand why this photo is going viral.

I hope families are picking up their school lunches to support their schools, but don't be afraid to ask questions if something seems wrong about the food you are about to eat. Take care of yourself during this pandemic. Even if it means you are sketchy about eating your local school lunch

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