There are some dads out there that don't get enough credit that they deserve. The best kind of dads live for their children and goes above and beyond for them.

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For example, the best type of dads out there are the ones that will request extra time instead of just the minimum. Some dads in El Paso are given every other weekend when it comes to visitation.

Of course, some dads aren't satisfied with how the system grants them a minimum of quality time together. Plus, some of the coolest dads enjoy giving their kids a thrill of a ride whether pretending or in real life.

We have seen dads on short reels holding their kids in a laundry basket giving them the rollercoaster vibes for fun. Then you have some dads that make strolling around the neighborhood seem cool.

A perfect example is a man in Albuquerque, New Mexico named Jerry Paz shared an unbelievable photo that will amaze you. The New Mexico man Jerry Paz was on his way to work when he spotted a dad and his two kids strolling the area in class.

via Jerry Paz Facebook
via Jerry Paz Facebook

The man was pulling around his two kids in a lowrider stroller which amazed Jerry Paz enough to snap a picture. Now if I were a kid again, I would certainly enjoy cruising around the neighborhood in a lowrider stroller like this.

All I got to say is props to this New Mexico daddy who cruises his two kids around in style. This New Mexico dad definitely deserves the dad of the year recognition for his cool lowrider stroller.

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