Some people love to find beauty in nature, especially during the holidays.

A Facebook group called Growing Up Texan recently shared a video of a really rare experience for most people. Not only Texans, but we are the lucky ones to be blessed by a rare creature.

No, not Bigfoot.

One day that may be captured on film and shared on social media for real, but for now, we get the majestic beauty of a black swan.

As you can see in the video, the person who was lucky enough to catch this in person didn't get too close. You do not want to scare such a beautifully dangerous creature.

I like to believe Natalie Portman as The Black Swan in the movie Black Swan created the association of beauty with this creature, over regular swans.

Great movie by the way.

Going back to the Facebook video, even though it is only 30 seconds long, this video is a great moment of zen. Simply a beautiful experience to see a creature who isn't native to this area.

At least, that is what the owner of the video shares in the description of the video. They do mention they took the information from Wikipedia, so take that information how you want.

Some commenters even agree with the owner of the video about this swan sighting as some type of Christmas miracle.

It could be a miracle, but then someone comments and ruins it by saying they knew a guy who just bought black swans and they would get loose all the time.

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