It’s the week in review of the five most weird and wacky headlines that occurred in El Paso over the past week.

In case you missed it, here are the most notable headlines that came out of El Paso last week, from a naked man running across San Jacinto Plaza to another stealing a Krispy Kreme truck, a runaway horse; check out these and more hard-to-believe stories.

Naked Man Crossing

Earlier this week, Jerry Najera of KVIA was doing some live shots from atop the Plaza Hotel when a coworker called to tell him that a man was running naked across San Jacinto Plaza. Najera managed to get some video but, it's the way that authorities handled the gentleman who was suffering from mental health issues with respect and dignity that makes this the feel-good albeit wacky story of the week.

Stolen Krispy Kreme Truck

Krispy Kreme Donuts To File For Public Listing
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One inebriated El Pasoan thought that it was a good idea to steal a Krispy Kreme truck and go on a joy ride across El Paso. It turns out the perpetrator never had a chance to enjoy those fluffy sweet treats because the Krispy Kreme hijacker was caught by police putting an end to his donut spree.

Monster Tadpoles

We've heard of frog tadpoles, but who knew that these tadpoles existed here in El Paso. After all the rainfall that we've had, Album Park flooded for weeks, and upon draining the area, a discovery of ugly monstrous-looking creatures and other critters popped up.

Horizon Horsey

Apparently, folks in Horizon are used to seeing runaway horses, as is evident in the video sent to The Real Fit Fam showing several people try to wrangle down the peppy horse.

Cheating Boyfriend Truck For Sale

And last but not least, there was a local gal who was so mad after finding out that her boyfriend was cheating on her that she took to social media to sell her boyfriend's 2000 Ford F-150 for $200. Not sure if she was successful at selling it since she noted that she didn't have keys or the title, making it a crime to do so.

And that wraps up this week's news of the weird and wacky in El Paso until next weekend; feel free to share your stories by emailing

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