Here are 5 ways you can help support your favorite local small businesses in the Sun City.

The novel coronavirus spread has changed everything - from children having to stay home, working from home, airlines grounding flights, and even businesses having to close, COVID-19 has impacted every single aspect of modern society especially small local businesses.

As we all continue to stay home and self-quarantine, this, in turn, affects small business owners who are working to keep up with curbside pickup, and delivery – some which didn’t offer the service prior.

Since we are in this together, and we will get through this together here are five ways you can all help out our favorite businesses during this pandemic.

Offer Moral Support

One way to help support your local business is word of mouth via social media. Post and share what your favorite business is doing – whether it’s posting new hours, to the different ways the public can pick up goods or services. This is an easy way to help that business get more exposure.

Leave Positive Reviews

Now is the time to go and leave a raving review about your favorite local businesses. Get on Yelp, Instagram or their websites to leave a glowing review of why you love that business – a little love goes a long way.

Buy Local

We need to continue to buy from local merchants as much as possible. We can support by purchasing food from local restaurants, including any other goods or services such as ordering beauty items like shampoo from your salon – call them and schedule a pick-up. Even though we ladies are not getting our hair done these days, we can certainly still buy products.


I encourage families that are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or any kind of celebration that you order a cake from a local bakery. Just because the virus canceled most of our daily routines and events doesn't mean that we cannot celebrate our loved ones. So order that cake and make it as special as possible while doing so indoors.

Temporarily Closed Businesses

For the businesses that had to force to close their doors temporarily - you can purchase gift cards, or pay now for future service. This will help them through the tough decision of having to temporarily close their doors.

Supporting your favorite small businesses doesn’t have to be costly, it can be as simple as sending them a text or email to share thoughts and words of encouragement. This is obviously an incredibly difficult time for small businesses and for the world at large - but if we all do one small act each it can lead to great leaps for all.



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