Valentine's Day is just a few weeks away and if you're tired of trying to be romantic in a restaurant with 50 other couples here are a few ways to do some El Paso-centric things and get away from the V-Day crowds:

1. Get your grub on - No, not at a restaurant. Pick up dinner at your SO's favorite restaurant and enjoy it at home. Swing by a grocery store deli and head to Washington Park for a picnic. Grab a pizza and head out to McKelligon Canyon or Scenic Drive and enjoy the stars and the lights of the city. You could even UberEats something to your house and Netflix and chill.

2. Go to the movies - The International Museum of Art has free movies every Saturday afternoon. The flicks are free and you can get concessions for a couple of bucks. After the movie, walk around the museum and marvel at one of the prettiest venues in town.

3. A shopping spree - Think affordable, not diamonds or clothes. Get your sweetie their favorite bath products and candles for some sexy bath time. Bonus points if you get some goodies at Chocolat or a high end local bakery like to nibble on in the tub.

4. Take a ghost tour - There are tons of ghost tours all year long. Walk through Concordia Cemetery so can hold your snookums close and keep them safe from the ghosteses.

5. Take a wine tour - A little vino would be keeno, and there are a number of vineyards in the upper valley with tastings and gorgeous scenery. Take a picnic with you to enjoy while you sip a bit of the grape.

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