It was announced this week that ABC News will be doing a special all about Hispanic Heritage Month called "Corazon De America" that'll air on tv tomorrow. One of the pieces in the special will be about El Paso so that got me thinking... "how many times has El Paso been on television?". Well here are a couple of times in the past...

*note* this doesn't include any times El Paso was mentioned on the news & there's a good chance I may have missed a show that showed El Paso

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  • Breaking Bad: El Paso has actually been mentioned TWICE in the show. Once in Season 2 during the episode "Breakage", & another in season 3 "I.F.T". But the biggest mention was when the classic Marty Robbins tune played during the season finale...
  • The Bridge: The show only ran for 2 seasons back in 2013 but the premise involved police discovering a body underneath the Bridge of the Americas, between El Paso & Juarez.
  • Live PD/Cops: We are definitely aware that El Paso has been featured in MANY episodes of Live PD. In fact you can find a playlist on YouTube that has many of the El Paso clips. But there was actually one segment back in 93, where El Paso was featured in Cops, the precursor for Live PD.
  • Ghost Adventures: For horror fans, myself included, was pretty excited when the Ghost Adventures crew came to not one, but TWO, locations in town back in 2017: Concordia Cemetery & the De Soto Hotel.
  • Extra Mention: countless sporting events: El Paso has had many times where UTEP sports have been shown on tv. Also let's not forget whenever Monster Jam comes to the Sun Bowl.

There has definitely been more exposure in the movies but it's nice to know that a couple of television shows has shown El Paso and who knows? Maybe with the increase of El Paso being show in movies, tv will follow suit...

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