Now that Whataburger has been sold to a Chicago investment firm, people 'round these parts are wondering what the hell is going to happen to their beloved burgers. Personally, I'm a ride-or-die Charcoaler girl, but I do enjoy myself a Whataburger Jr. with cheese, grilled onions, with fries and a large Coke on a regular basis. Upon hearing the news that a bunch of yankees from up north are now in control of the iconic Texas burger chain, the thing that worried me the most is the changes that might be coming to Whataburger.

You know those folks from up north. They like weird stuff and I'm really worried that the meat and potatoes Whataburger menu is going to start looking like this:

1. What-A-Salad - Look, there is enough lettuce and tomato on a Whataburger already. Don't be getting crazy with your fancy salads. If I want a salad, I won't scrap off the veggies from my burger.

2. What-A-Sushi-Wrap - They'll call it Tex-Mex/Japanese fusion. Texans will call it a quick way to get hit with a Whataburger bag.

3. What-A-Matcha-Breakfast-Burrito - I dig me the matcha, but not at Whataburger. That Chicago investment firm says 'changes are being looked at'. Wellsir, don't be adding any unnecessary healthy stuff to our menu. If I want matcha, I'll head over to Whole Foods.

4. What-A-Sweet-Potato-Fries - If you're from Texas, you know the only good sweet potato is in a pie with a ton of cinnamon, or in a casserole dish with a layer of carmelized marshmallows.

5. What-A-Perrier - I know Perrier hasn't been popular for decades, but this is a Chicago investment firm we're talking about here. They probably drink their coffee with their pinkies in the air.


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