Are you looking to try something new? Indulge your tastebuds with these five food trucks that are not Mexican-themed cuisine.

El Paso is notorious for its Mexican eats, and when it comes to food trucks, they are practically on every corner. But El Paso is also home to many different cultures and cuisine, and those food trucks are serving up some serious game.

Over the last decade, the popularity of food trucks in our area has increased exponentially, thanks to rallies, farmers' markets, and festivals.

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Today anyone can drive around town and indeed find a food truck offering their hand-made tacos, Juarez dogs, tortas, and much more. But, while we love our Mexican cuisine, sometimes the cravings for something new and different sets in, and that's when you should track down these five impressive food trucks.

From a "world-famous" glazed donut green chile cheeseburger to the most incredible Thai in town, these are some of El Paso's Best non-Mexican-themed food trucks.

Fat Dan's Texas

Fat Dan's Texas Glazed Donut Green Chile Cheeseburger is so good it's "World Famous"! Hit them up, and you be the judge.

  • Popular Dish: "World Famous" Glazed Donut Green Chile Cheeseburger
  • Where To Find Them: To drop in on Fat Dan's Texas, check their schedule keep up with them on Facebook.
  • Price: $6 and up

Thai Grub

Thai Grub is so good that El Pasoans, including myself, have been known to search all over the city to find this food truck serving up authentic, bold, and flavorful, made-to-order homestyle Thai dishes 

  • Popular Dish: Pad Thai  
  • Where To Find Them: Thai Grub is usually located Thursday – Saturday at the 1073 Country Club and once a week as pop-ups on Tuesdays. 
  • Price: $9 and up

De Nile Foods

Get a taste of the Mediterranean at De Nile Foods. Their simple but tasteful menu offers up delish Gyros and vegetarian options too.

  • Popular Dish: Gyro
  • Where To Find Them: Find De Nile Foods on Facebook HERE
  • Price: $5 and up

A Pinch of Heaven

Breakfast, lunch, or brunch, A Pinch of Heaven comes thru solid every time, from their Cruda burger to their best-selling Spicy Waffle Burger.

  • Popular Dish: Spicy Waffled Burger
  • Where To Find Them: Keep up with A Pinch of Heaven on where they'll be popping up next on Facebook.
  • Price: $5 and up

Pancit Wagon Filipino Cuisine

Thanks to Pancit Wagon Filipino Cuisine, authentic Filipino food can now be enjoyed by El Pasoans, and their noodle dishes are among the best in town too.
  • Popular Dish: Pancit Bihon (noodle dish)
  • Where To Find Them: Follow Pancit Wagon Filipino Cuisine food truck on Facebook for their schedule.
  • Price: $6 and up

If you know of any other stand-out food trucks feel free to email

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