Blow your mind and taste buds with five of the best lip-smacking macaronic and cheese dishes; borderland style.

Sara Seaberry
Sara Seaberry

There's nothing more comforting than a bowl of mac 'n' cheese. The wholesome dish of cheese and macaroni has the power to fill us with nostalgic childhood memories with just one bite and happens to be one of the biggest obsessions and contributors of cheese consumption in America.

While there is nothing wrong with boxed instant mac 'n' cheese, there is something to be said about gourmet or grown-up macaroni and cheese, where a combination of complex flavors and ingredients elevates the simple dish to a separate stratosphere of taste and deliciousness.

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Serious macaroni and cheese lovers need to check out these five El Paso eateries that have integrated the flavors and essence of the borderland in their soul comforting and lip-smacking gooey concoctions.

Crave Kitchen & Bar - Green Chile Mac 'n' Cheese

Influenced by New Mexico's hatch green chiles, Crave Kitchen's green chile mac 'n' cheese is sheer cheesy and green chile perfection.

Rib Hut - Mac 'n' Cheese Torreado Style

Rib Hut has long been my go-to for the most incredible spicy and cheesy macaroni that will not only bring the heat but will also satiate all your cheesy cravings. While their torreado version is my fav, they also offer green chile with bacon and classic options.

Casa del Humo - Mexi Mac 'n' Cheese


Casa del Humo is tapping into the old-school flavor of sopita with its Mexi mac 'n' cheese that also has a subtle yet yummy smoked and spicy flavor like no other.

Mesa Street - Lobster Mac 'n' Cheese

Keeping it classy, Mesa Street Grill has honed its recipe by adding the subtle sweetness of lobster to its savory mac 'n' cheese.

Rollin' Smoke BBQ - Smoked Mac 'n' Cheese

This isn't your ordinary macaroni and cheese. Rollin' Smoke BBQ is serving up smoked mac and tons of cheese for a decadent dish that will have you coming back for more.

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