You know I believe in ghosts.  After a few months of telling Mike about the ghosts that wander the halls here at KISS FM, he finally decided to let some ghostbusters in to see if we really had any or not.  But our little El Paso ghosteses are nothing compared to ghosteses that have been roaming castles that are hundreds of years old!


The halls at KISS FM have always been creepy early in the morning.  I won't even stay in the building by myself if Mike is out on vacation, and have made our poor, tired overnight guys wait until someone from our sister station, The Q, comes in before I'll let them leave!

And even though Mike scoffs at my ghosteses of KISS FM stories, he has had documented run ins with them!  Of course, we've also had independant ghosteses experts come in and talk to our shadowy friends.  They even got them on audio and video!




So what better time to introduce you to some really scary, really old, really haunted European castles?  I mean, the creepiest day of the year is right around the corner, right?!

This is Edinburgh Castle, called the most haunted in Scotland.  They say a drummer boy appears right before a battle - BUT HE HAS NO HEAD!  Good Lord.  I won't ever go there!


There are four other really creepy castles that you can check out here, and, just to scare the crap out of you even more, here's video I found of Count Dracula's castle.  It's pretty scary, so don't watch it in the dark!